4.6 million borrowers who can borrow on a mortgage but are struggling to get a loan at all

5.4 million people are currently being steered into loans they can’t afford by a loan shark, and nearly 1.6m borrowers are now receiving loan forgiveness, according to a new report by mortgage lender Standard & Poor.

But despite the government’s latest guidance that borrowers are entitled to the £20bn (£19.5bn) in loan relief, it’s not enough for some people who’ve been stuck with debt that’s out of reach.

According to Standard & Poor, a quarter of borrowers are on loans that they can only afford to repay because their income is below the target of £26,000 a year.

The government says that, by 2020, the proportion of borrowers with outstanding loan debts will fall to 14 per cent, down from 15 per cent in 2020.

That would help alleviate the burden on the taxpayer as well as help people with lower incomes.

However, the data suggests that many borrowers who are struggling for cash are struggling even further.

Nearly 3.2 million borrowers, or 22 per cent of all people who are on mortgage, have not received any relief from the government, the report said.

That means almost half of all borrowers have been left out of a £20 billion ($23bn) of relief.

The Government says the £25bn ($37bn) fund has already helped more than 17 million people who had been on loan-shark loans before they were eligible for the latest relief.

But many people are still struggling to pay back their loans.

Around 6.2m people are on the loan shark waiting list, with more than half of those waiting for repayment.

More than half (51 per cent) of borrowers on the list are currently paying more than the government says they should, and over half (55 per cent), or one in five, are still on a repayment plan that is out of their reach.

The Home Office said it was working to ease the strain on people struggling to repay their loans and that the £3bn of relief would be available to help those most in need.

However Standard &amps; Poor warned that this new round of relief might be too little too late.

“While the government has increased its target for debt reduction, there is a risk that the latest measures may not be enough to address the backlog of people waiting for a payment,” it said.

“There are many other people on the waiting list who may not even be eligible for any relief at all, and the government needs to provide more certainty about the scope of the relief to make sure it is tailored to those who are most in urgent need.”

What you need to know about the Home Office’s Home Loans Review


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